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This product is XBRL Certified Software™, and has a current certification as a Validating Processor for the XBRL modules detailed on this page.

Certification details

Product name: Semansys.XBRL.Engine
Product variants: xbrlOne
Vendor: Semansys
Certification type: Validating Processor
Date of most recent completed certification: 2023-07-11
Version of most recent completed certification: 2.0.37
Certified until: 2024-09-01

Test history

Version Date

Specification modules

Module Suite Tested
Core (XBRL v2.1 & Dimensions v1.0) XBRL v2.1 2023-07-11
XBRL additional 2023-07-11
Dimensions v1.0 2023-07-11
Dimensions additional 2023-07-11
Inline XBRL v1.1 Inline XBRL v1.1 2023-07-11
Inline XBRL additional 2023-07-11
Inline XBRL - Transformation Rules Registry v3 Transformation Rules Registry v3 2023-07-11
XBRL Certified Software logo

The XBRL Certified Software™ logo

Software that holds a current certification is entitled to the display the XBRL Certified Software™ logo. Wherever the logo is displayed online, it will be linked to a software certification page on this site, providing full details of the product’s certification status.

If you encounter a logo that is not linked to a page on this site, please report it to certification@xbrl.org.