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This product is XBRL Certified Software™, and has a current certification as Review & Consumption Software for the XBRL modules detailed on this page.

Certification details

Product name: xbrlOne Insight
Vendor: Semansys
Certification type: Review and Consumption Software
Date of most recent completed certification: 2023-07-11
Version of most recent completed certification: 3.0.26
Certified until: 2024-09-01

Test history

Version Date

Specification modules

Module Tested
Core (XBRL v2.1 & Dimensions v1.0) 2023-07-11
Inline XBRL v1.1 2023-07-11
Inline XBRL - Transformation Rules Registry v3 2023-07-11

This Review and Consumption Software has been verified to incorporate an XBRL Validating Processor that performs XBRL validation of reports and which has been certified for at least the modules listed above.

XBRL Certified Software logo

The XBRL Certified Software™ logo

Software that holds a current certification is entitled to the display the XBRL Certified Software™ logo. Wherever the logo is displayed online, it will be linked to a software certification page on this site, providing full details of the product’s certification status.

If you encounter a logo that is not linked to a page on this site, please report it to certification@xbrl.org.